The Professor

Let me introduce myself. They call me The Professor, since 2017 I've been deep into the crypto scene - this is my 1st token launch. I am a serial entrepreneur and self identified degen who was tired of rugs, insider wallets, recycled narratives, and bone headed devs.... so I launched the $LAB.

If you want to invest in a memecoin that empowers holders to shape the future of the token, fuel innovation, & reap rewards of collective success - PUT YOUR LAB COAT ON!! 🥼

We are a team of IRL scientists, professors, engineers, degens, and great minds committed to selflessness and shared success. Our community collaborates regularly to run experiments that are proposed, voted upon, and funded by the community treasury currently valued at over $330,000. The goal of each experiment is to implement strategies to grow the size or value of our lab as quickly as possible.

Every community member has the opportunity to propose ideas and experiments through a submission form. If your experiment is one of the top 3 most voted for the week, you will receive rewards in $LAB token. Additional rewards can be earned by locking up your tokens through our ongoing "lock and earn" experiment.

Each experiment is tracked by a real life scientist to help us make data driven decisions for maximizing ROI on future experiments. The experiment results are shared publicly to help current or future project founders and holders know the most impactful and affordable strategies for growing a meme project. We are building the blueprint for how to build a memecoin project from 0 into a multi-million dollar MC token.

The Professor's Contributions to the lab (as of 5/26/24):

- The entire DEV wallet supply of 10% was gifted to the community (current value $330,000)

- $80,000 was added to LP to ensure it is optimal for growth

- $50,000 was gifted to the community run multisig.

- Over $100,000 in personal funds has been used to run experiments